X4 Labs Review – Why I Use It, and You Should, Too

Looking for an X4 Labs review? You just found one. This is just my opinion, of course, so remember that your mileage may vary. First, though, let’s talk about something a lot of guys are hesitant to talk about: penis size.


Lots of guys underestimate the difference that having a big penis can make in their sex lives. You may have heard before that size isn’t a big deal, and that girls prefer a guy with personality over a guy with a hefty manhood, but all of those arguments kind of miss the point. It’s not that your life is going to be over or something if you have a small penis, but “small” guys often don’t realize what they’re missing because they never get to experience the kind of sex lives that well-endowed guys do—that is, unless they find a way to enlarge their penises.

Now, I didn’t have a micro-penis or anything, but I was kind of small.

Lots of times when it comes to size, it’s just a matter of genetics, and I’m not going to lie: the genes just weren’t in my favor. In today’s era of heavy porn use and a tendency for girls to see giant penises on their computer screens long before they ever see ones in real life, the bar is set kind of high.

Yes, women do look at porn and they do develop expectations the same way that guys do, just obviously about different things. It’s not necessarily something I’ve been dumped over, but sometimes I could catch that brief shade of disappointment in her eye because she expected me to be bigger. You know what I’m talking about, I’m sure.


Well, I had tried penis exercises for awhile, but found them sort of cumbersome. It was also hard to remember to do them every day, and to be honest I already had a hard enough time keeping up a regimen for the rest of my body.

This is what ultimately led to this X4 Labs review.

I was ready for something different, something that I could just slap onto my manhood and forget about for awhile. After doing some research, I came across the whole concept of penis extenders and became intrigued. Basically, the idea was that you can use tension to slowly stretch the penis, which adds more cells and makes the penis longer over time, in theory. It also seemed safer than some other methods, such as using weights; the last thing I wanted to do was damage my endowment, after all. (It would be a little hard to explain that one to my doctor.)

I looked at a few different models by a few different companies and finally decided on an extender from X4 Labs. I chose this company for a few different reasons, namely:


  • It seemed to have a lot of research behind it. The company honestly appeared to care about making the lives of their male customers better, and it seemed like they had done their homework.
  • According it their site, their extender could increase length and girth as well, which was really important to me.
  • Also according to their site, their extenders could help improve erections by enhancing blood flow to the penis. This really intrigued me. By no means do I have erectile dysfunction, but I had noticed that my erections weren’t quite as hard as they were when I was in my early 20’s, and it would be nice to get back to that level if I could.
  • They have DOUBLE money-back guarantee. Since the whole extender thing was something new to me, I wanted to try risk-free. If it didn’t work, I wanted to be able to get my money back x2.

x4-labs-deluxeI went with their Deluxe Edition, so this is what this X4 Labs review is specifically for, though you will get similar results from any edition.

It’s their most cost effective package, though it comes with the fewest accessories. I was cool with the bare-bones option since I honestly didn’t have huge expectations, but now I kind of wish I had gotten the Gold Luxury Edition since it comes with more foam pads and better tension springs.

Either way, I was excited to give this extender a try when it came in the mail.

As I got started, one of the things that I was most worried about was whether this process was going to be uncomfortable, but actually I was pleasantly surprised when I first put my penis in the device. There’s a foam comfort tube that goes near the head of your penis that keeps the far end of the extender snug and also keeps it from hurting at all. Honestly, besides the slightly uncomfortable feeling that is to be expected from stretching your penis, the experience wasn’t unpleasant at all.

What you’re probably wondering about, though, are the results.


Well, so was I, so I made sure to take measurements from day one. Keeping a diary of my results is also what inspired me to make this X4 Labs review. Overall, in about 30 days of following the instructions and wearing it for the required hours (while taking days off), I gained about 1/8 of an inch of flaccid length and about 1/4 of an inch of erect length, and maybe about 1/10 of an inch in girth. For the limited amount of time that I’ve used it, I have to say it has exceeded my expectations. Sure, I don’t have the biggest penis in the world or anything, but it is a little bigger than it was.

So if you’re looking for an extender and don’t know which to use, consider the X4 Labs. It’s comfortable and they actually have some studies to back up their results.