Tips and Tricks for Great Sex for Men with Small Dicks.

Some have it large, some not so large and others have it small. Aside from the fact that larger penises look more attractive, most ladies attest to the fact that when it comes to sex, skill is a more necessary ingredient than size. Wondering how or where in the world you can learn these skills… Right here!


Here are a few tips and tricks for great sex that would keep her begging for more.

Tip 1: Prolong the foreplay

Foreplay is one ingredient used by men to pleasure their women in unbelievable ways. Rather than pouncing on her and ripping off her panties, start with the mildest foreplay, touching and teasing her. Incorporate showers, massages, chocolate and whatever you can come up with into your foreplay sessions. Remember…

  • Dirty talking works.

Try whispering to her or texting her about what you plan on doing to her. This will arouse her mentally, set the mood right and keep her on her tippy toes.

  • To pay attention to her breasts

Do not neglect this area as it is one erogenous zone that can make her nearly climax before you even penetrate. You can tease, caress and suck on her nipples.

  • Oral Sex does work

Giving her oral works as well as penetrative sex or even better. Remember to always stimulate other erogenous zones before going down on her. For better access and a more pleasurable sucking experience, you can elevate her hips with a pillow.

Tip 2: Give her orgasm(s) before penetration

What’s most important is mutual satisfaction, how you do it isn’t as important as whether or not you do it. Master the art of giving orgasms without penetration to ensure she is satisfied.



While she is still dressed, you can slip your hands into her panties and give her a fingering she’ll never forget. With your free hand fondle and squeeze her breasts, deeply kiss her and lick/suck on her ears and neck… This technique works like magic!

Tip 3: Work on getting harder and stiffer erections.

women-like-bigger-dicksYour thrusts would make more impact with a rock hard penis, not withstanding its size. To improve the quality of your erections, you can try using PC muscle exercises. When your penis is erect, squeeze this muscle (by making your penis jump upward) for 3-5 seconds and then relax. If as you do this your erection decreases or disappears do not worry, it’s completely normal. Re-stimulate yourself and repeat the exercise again.

You can also do this in the flaccid state by squeezing the muscle (like you would when trying to hold back urine). Do this exercise several time throughout the day. In the flaccid state, this exercise can be done anytime and anywhere, no one would notice, just as long as you do not make faces.

Tip 4: Use the right penetrating and thrusting technique.

When thrusting, do not just move in and out.To make her feel you inside of her, use deep penetrations with grinding and circling or back-and-forth motions. This technique will make her climax multiple times not withstanding the size of your penis. Try it and thank me later! You can also try alternating shallow thrusts with deeper ones… It could take a few attempts to perfect this technique, but once you do, she’ll be very thankful.

Tip 5: Choose your positions

To increase your chances of sexually satisfying her, use positions that make her feel you inside of her- those that allow a deep enough penetration to reach her elusive G-spot. Some of these positions include


  1. Deep stick position: Let her lie on her back while you kneel in front of her. Put her legs on your shoulders and hold them close together. Penetrate and begin to give her mind blowing thrusts. Her raised legs and closed legs would create more friction and make you feel bigger inside of her.
  2. The woman-on-top position: The good thing about this position is that a small penis can be equally as pleasuring or even more so than a larger one. You can attain this position while you are sitted or lying down. She climbs on top of you and inserts your penis into her vagina while she moves back-and-forth, up-and-down, side-to-side, or in circular motions. Maximum clitoral stimulation and multiple mind blowing orgasms are guaranteed for her.
  3. Full rear entry

Let her get down on all fours while you penetrate her from behind and begin thrusting. This position is excellent for deep thrusts and you can easily stimulate her G spot. Not only does she get a deeper and tighter feel of you but you enjoy a much more erotic sensation. You can also ask her to lower her chest towards the pillow while you enter her from behind for an even deeper penetration.

  1. Scissors position.

The lady lies on her back at the edge of the bed or table. Holding her legs up, you kneel, squat or stand to penetrate into her vagina and the thrusting begins.

Trick A: Position 1& 4 can be adjusted by placing a pillow under her hips to elevate it.

Trick B: If you have one or two free hands and good access, stimulate her breasts and clitoris during or in between thrusts.

Trick C: Remember the best kind of sex and foreplay starts while you are still dressed. Start with other parts of her body before finally touching her down below. Build as much tension as you can till she begs to have you inside of her. She would be so glad when you finally enter her- too glad, your size won’t matter.


Trick D: Remember practice makes perfect, use these tips and tricks and your small penis would seem ginormous in her eyes.