Pheromones (Sprays & Perfumes) – Can They Make Girls Want Sex With You?

We have all heard about the magical pheromones. The question on the lips of guys is do they really work? Can they really make girls want sex with you? Here’s your answer…

Pheromones are chemical substances released by animals (insects too) that change or alter the behavior of others of its species. Do humans produce them? Yes they do, but in quantities inadequate enough to produce visible effect. What about pheromones that come in bottles- synthetic pheromones in the form of sprays and perfumes? Do these work? The answer to that is yes they do work, but there’s a little twist to it.

How do they work?

Pheromones act on the sense of smell. When a lady smells them, it activates certain areas of her brain changing her behavior, also, the level of her libido raising hormone rises thus increasing her sexual desire. They make a lady sense a male’s dominance and sexuality and they make her crave for him. What would she notice?

  • how-do-pheromones-workShe might notice an increased desire to touch him, or want to be touched;
  • She might notice an increased body temperature, breathing and heart rate.
  • She might notice mood changes- she becomes more jovial and laughs at all his jokes;
  • She could notice bodily changes like erect nipples and wetness down below

Simply put, she gets turned on in ways she can’t explain and she immediately concludes she has ”a thing” for you.

Where’s the twist?

Pheromones work best in one-on-one situations. Yes, you can use them when going to gatherings but they don’t really get a girl turned on (towards you) unless she’s close enough to sense it’s from you. If a lady senses it and let’s say you are with three other cool looking guys, she just assumes ”oh, I’m unusually wet down below today”. When it comes to making a choice, she uses all of her other senses to choose.

So, get her to take a walk with you or get her to be alone with you and watch the magic happen.


What do they do for you?
It can boost your confidence.

Pheromones can help you feel more comfortable and relaxed when you are with the opposite sex. They could make you more confident and help you communicate better and more freely with her.

It makes you appear more attractive.

Knowing you are wearing something that is a lady magnet makes you excited as it raises your hope of being chosen and of getting some good action.This makes you more jovial, playful and energetic- something ladies love. All these work for you and makes you appear more attractive to her.

You get turned on too.

Watching a lady get turned on by your mere presence can be a huge turn on for you. Getting her to be in the same room with you, with the perfect view and a perfectly set stage would definitely make her turned on in ways she doesn’t understand. This might make her conclude that she has a huge crush, an unexplainable attraction and a strong pull towards you- one that makes her get wet down below… Not only would she be ready for some action, you would be too!

What they won’t do for you.

Pheromones do not improve your aura. If you have issues that need to be fixed for example those relating to your appearance, poise or your attitude, pheromones won’t help you in those departments.


Yes, pheromones can make you appear more attractive and more confident but this only happens when you are well put together and have a certain level of confidence in you.

No, pheromones won’t directly make a girl spot you in a crowd filled with a thousand otherĀ  ”above average” looking guys… They only make her want to get down with you after your confidence and every other quality in you has made her choose you.

If you look bold and confident, dress nicely, get a haircut and a shave (if you need one) wear a smile and know how to start up a conversation, pheromones would definitely make any girl beg to be in your arms…

In summary, pheromones do work, but for it to work, you would need an inner sense of confidence, a good fashion sense and good communication skills. More people are using pheromones to boost and amplify what they’ve already got going on for them- strippers and countless pick-up-artists use them too.

So, bring in your A-game and finish it off with a dash of your favorite pheromone spray or cologne.