Penis Stretchers – Can They Really Make Your Penis Bigger?

Have you been searching for more information on penis stretchers and can’t seem to find some unbiased opinions? Maybe you’re too embarrassed to ask around because you’d have to admit that you’re not satisfied with your current penis size; this is understandable.


If you’re single and trying to have a decent dating life, it can really put a damper on your fun to have a small penis. Lots of people talk about how all a man needs is “confidence,” but it’s easy to have confidence when you have something thick in your pants to back all of that up.


There’s nothing like seeing the look of delight on a girl’s face the first time she realizes that you’re well-endowed; it’s that look that says she’s glad she picked you for the night, and that she knows she’s bound to have a good time. When you get right down to it, a bigger penis just look and feel better to a woman, so you can’t really blame them for preferring well-endowed men.

You Can Increase Your Penis Size!

Now it might seem like this dooms those of us who are a little on the smaller side, but it doesn’t have to. It’s not like you have to live with a small penis if that’s not something that you don’t want for yourself. Contrary to popular belief, there are indeed a few different ways to make your penis bigger, and they really can work. If you’re serious about growing your penis naturally, though, without pills or surgery, or any dangerous side-effects, then your best bet is probably a penis stretcher.


You may have heard about this before. Basically, a penis stretcher—or extender—works by applying tension to your penis. Unlike pumping, this doesn’t require placing your penis in a vacuum chamber, and unlike hanging, this doesn’t require attaching weights to your manhood, either.

How Does Penis Stretching Work?

It is a very simple process, really. Usually, the penis extender has some sort of ring that fits around the base of your penis, up against your pubic bone, and some sort of grip that fits towards the end of the shaft, near the head of your penis, with some tension rods of some kind in between.

Over time, you can increase the tension by increasing the length of the rods and your penis will stretch to accommodate. This is a very gradual process, though, and you only increase the length of the extender once your penis has stretched sufficiently enough for the next stage.

With enough use, your penis should stretch out to a new, longer size, and it should increase both in terms of flaccid length and erect length. Some extenders even affect your girth.

my-bigger-penisDoes This All Work?

Well, think about what happens to any piece of skin when it is stretched or pulled enough, for a long enough period of time. For example, imagine the skin on the belly of someone who is severely overweight and has spent years amassing a wide build. If they were to suddenly lose all that weight, would their skin just bounce back into place as if it had never stretched? Not really. For a lot of these people, they are left with “extra skin” that then needs to be removed. The body’s natural response to the skin stretching like this is to add tissue to the area, and once that tissue is there for long enough, it doesn’t go away; in other words, more cells grow to compensate. In theory, your penis would be no different in this regard. Over time, the tissue will stretch and grow because of the tension applied by the extender device, and your penis will remain enlarged.

Yes, penis stretchers really can make your penis bigger.

have-great-sexHowever, it takes time and patience. Just as the skin on a person who is accumulating fat or muscle doesn’t stretch permanently overnight, neither will your penis. You will probably have to use your penis stretcher many hours per week for many months before you start to see noticeable results, and at first these results will be mere fractions of an inch. However, these fractions accumulate, and before you know it, you will start to see a real difference in your penis size and sexual life.

If you’ve tried pills that don’t work or tedious exercises, and you’re ready to try a different approach, you might want to get your hands on a penis extender. Just remember to follow all of the instructions exactly, and don’t wear the extender for too long or else this could actually compromise your results. If you have any doubts or suspect that your small penis could be due to hormonal issues, of course be sure to talk to your doctor first before you try any stretching techniques.