Give Your Partner Orgasms To Remember With Sex Toys For Couples

There are many people who are faced with performance issues in the bedroom. These range in men from having a small penis or being curved awkwardly to not being able to last long enough. In women, these issues range from being too sensitive or not sensitive enough, to lasting too long. Whether performance issues are frequent, or just once in a while, there is still a disappointment when they occur. Unsatisfied partners, and often yourself as well. But there is hope. You can have a great performance, even when you’re lacking. You just have to get a little, creative.

Introduce Sex Toys To Your Relationship

There’s a wide variety of sex toys on the market. More are being invented and introduced every day. You may have experience with using them yourself, or you may not. You may know other people who have, but you’re not comfortable using them. But the addition of sex toys can increase both you and your partners stimulation. There’s a sexy appeal to using sex toys together. Even if you and your partner are shy at first, you’ll warm up to the idea of the new addition. Especially once you’ve experienced the great sex that comes with those toys.


If you’ve never looked at sex toys either online or in store, you’re going to want to look at beginner toys. The most common toy bought by a first time user is a vibrator. These aren’t the long, penis shaped vibrators you may have seen on TV. These often range in size and shape, but they are generally external. They are also generally small. Some are even worn on your finger, like a ring. They aren’t designed to be big and flashy, but rather small and practical. They are for added stimulation while you’re making love to your partner. They can also be used after love making to completely and utterly satisfy your partner. Another very common vibrator is called a cock ring. These are placed around the penis of the male and worn during sex. These rings increase stimulation for both partners. Some cock rings even have remote controls so either partner can adjust the speed or pulse settings on the ring itself. This is useful in changing pace during the course of your lovemaking.

Now, if you’ve already played with the beginner toys, you might be looking for something more advanced. Naturally, the next step after external stimulation is internal stimulation. There’s quite a few different things you can try in this intermediate field. This is where those penis shaped vibrators can come in handy. You can use these before or after intercourse to intensify the pleasure of your partner. You may be interested in the kind that have multiple settings, or you may want one with a standard speed. There’s a wide variety to choose from, but it really depends on what you and your partner are comfortable with. If you experimented with the beginner vibrators, you should know a bit more about what kind of stimulation you like. If you’re buying online, do a little research to find out what products are the best for you. If you’re buying in store, there should be an expert in sex toys at the store you’re visiting. While you may feel embarrassed to ask questions, it is encouraged. This is for the betterment of your sexual relations and you want to make sure you’re getting the right toys.


Once you’re comfortable with the insertion of objects, or the addition of external, you may be looking for something a little more advanced. If that’s the case, you may find a suggestion of anal beads.

anal-sex-toys-setThese can work for both male and female partners. They add stimulation to a very sensitive area in the anus that can increase the pleasure of sex for both parties. Of course, this is a suggestion for those who want to explore their sexuality a little bit more, and get the most out of their sexual experiences. This isn’t a suggestion that everyone will embrace or enjoy. So if it sounds like a good idea to you, you’re going to want to make sure it’s also something your partner is comfortable with as well.

If You’re Not Comfortable Using Sex Toys

Not every partner is going to feel comfortable using sex toys in the bedroom. Everyone has different likes and dislikes and it’s impossible to create a generic list of either. If your partner isn’t comfortable with toys, there are other ways you can encourage sexual satisfaction. One of these ways, of course, is oral pleasure. Both males and females enjoy a great oral experience. If you feel inexperienced at this, try looking up tips and tricks.

You can also use enhancements like flavored lubricants to increase your own enjoyment. Or, there are other lubricants that add heating or cooling sensations when they’re used. Even if your partner isn’t comfortable using toys, they may be comfortable using these types of enhancements. Really, you want the experience to be satisfying and pleasurable for both you and your partner.

Never underestimate the power of foreplay. It’s the most important part of a sexual experience and it’s so often neglected. If you take the time to truly please your partner, everyone wins. Your partner will feel satisfied, and you’ll feel accomplished.