All About Male Enhancements You Must Know

If you’re concerned with your sexual performance as a man, you’re not the only one.

  • You may be afraid that you’re not satisfying your partner.
  • You may have been suggested to bring toys into the equation, but that’s not quite what you want.
  • You want to satisfy your partner without assistance from other objects.
  • You want to be what brings your partner to a stunning and satisfying climax.

Nothing else.

  • Maybe you wish you could have a more firm erection, or last longer.
  • Maybe you’re hoping to increase your fertility or your sexual ambitions.
  • Or, maybe you’re hoping for ways to enlarge your penis.

Does any of that sound like you?

If you answered yes, then you’re in need of some male enhancements. You’ve come to the right place for information, guidance, and answers.

How To Increase The Firmness Of Your Erection


Before you start taking things to increase the firmness of your erection, you might want to evaluate why you need to. There are certain medical illnesses that are caught in the early stages by a soft or dysfunctional penis. You’re obviously not going to want to march into your doctors office and say your penis doesn’t work, but, you might want to eliminate some causes. If you do go see your doctor and get a clean bill of health, it’s time to start seeing what else will work. So for the sake of these suggestions, we’ll say you have that clean bill of health and are looking for the next step.

There are some things you can try eating before you try eating those pills:

  • Blackberry Jam (or any dark berry, like blueberries); Because of the antioxidants, this can help clear your body of potentially damaging toxins
  • Dark Chocolate; Leaving out the science, because it releases epicatechins it increases blood-vessel dilation (1.6 oz will do the trick)

There are two main causes for any dysfunction in the penis: Smoking and prescription medication. Both of these cause many different issues and are overall very unhealthy. They are only doing more damage than good.

Other suggestions to strengthening your penis are to lower your estrogen, stop snoring, and try to reduce your stress levels. It’s easier said than done to reduce your stress.

If you’re having trouble with stress, that’s probably the cause of your sexual performance issues as well. You’re going to want to see about eliminating the stresses from your life. Or at least, feeling less concerned about them.

A great thing to look into is stress management techniques. This actually can’t be stressed enough that many of the issues you may be facing (erectile dysfunction, soft penis, not lasting long enough) are probably caused by stress. You may not even know you’re stressed. But, your body is clearly telling you something is wrong.

Keep It Up All Night Long


Now you’ve got a rock hard penis, but it doesn’t want to stay that way. You find yourself unable to keep going, or going soft prematurely. Don’t worry. Firstly, it’s completely natural. Secondly, there are ways to prevent it from happening in the future. This is the part you take action in:

  • Kegels; This is no joke. Strengthening your pelvic muscle can give you complete control over your penis, the kind of control you’re looking for.
  • Masturbate; But, don’t think about finishing. There’s a lot to enjoy in the lead up. Try seeing if you can bring yourself to almost erosion, but take yourself back down before you burst. This exercise is actually called the “9-5”. It uses a scale based from 1-10 where 1 is not aroused and 10 is finishing. You want to bring yourself to 9, then down to 5, then back up to 9. You want to repeat this frequently. Even once a day if you have the time. This is giving you control of your sexual impulses, and it’s actually training you to last longer.
  • Say No To Porn; While it’s great in moderation, if you watch in excess you’re setting yourself up for failure. Most men tend to compare themselves to the ones on screen. The performance you’re watching is just that. A performance. None of it is real. The stiff erection and lasting for hours, making a woman explode multiple times. Sure it’s all possible, but it’s not common. An average person can have sex for hours straight, but they require breaks. Water, snacks, taking time to just lay in each others embrace. A big part of the marathon that is sex is being prepared.
  • Take Your Time; Too often we’re in a race to the finish line. Sex should never be one of those things we rush to finish. Sex is an intense and beautiful experience and every moment of it should be appreciated. Try taking your time the next time you’re in bed, whether it’s with yourself or someone else. Appreciate the moments, and don’t be so hung up on the finish line. Learn to truly enjoy the experience, physically and mentally.

Penis Enlargement & Natural Supplements


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Now many men want a nice, big penis. Unfortunately for them, not everyone has one. You may be one of the lucky men who have size and don’t have function. By now, you should have function. Or, you’re one of the men who has function and doesn’t have size. So naturally, you’d like to be a little bigger so you can really wow your partner.

The issue with penis enlargers is that they often don’t work.

Whether they are claiming to be natural supplements or they are chemically induced. You may wonder how the market does so well if none of these products actually work. They do work. At first. But the effects don’t last if you keep taking them. Plus, how is your ego going to feel if you only manage to satisfy your partner by using a pill? You may not think that plays into it, but it does. On a long enough time line, your masculinity will start to suffer. So why bother with the pills that risk side effects and ego deflation?

Try the natural techniques that will truly make you feel like a man.

It’s all about the amount of blood rushing to your erected penis.

That sounds ridiculous, right?

Your body is giving in, but are your emotions and your mind? In order to have a truly satisfying sexual experience, you have to completely surrender yourself to the encounter. Whether it’s a quickie before work or an all night marathon.

The key to having great sex is to surrender. Let go of your worries, misconceptions and ideals and just give into the bodies pressed against each other.