About Me: How I Grew My Size, and My Confidence

First of all, you don’t have a small penis. “Small” is relative, and chances are, if you’re reading this, you’re probably closer to average and just think you’re small because you’re comparing yourself to too many porn stars. I know because that used to be me. Except it was even worse for me because I actually had a small penis.

You think you’re “small”? Try being just under four inches long—erect. I couldn’t even pretend that this was average. It also appeared even smaller because it was weirdly curved towards the end of the shaft, kind of like it was pointing up. I had never seen a penis like mine before, and judging from the reactions I would get whenever I managed to get anything close to sex with a girl, neither had most women.

I could just smell the disappointment in the air every time I pulled my pants down in front of a woman. To add insult to injury, my particular ethnicity is known for having large penises, so the shattered expectations made me seem even smaller than I actually was—which was already really small. The only pride I could take in my manhood was that at least I was technically too big to have what is medically defined as a “micro-penis.” What an honor, right?

Well, this “about” section isn’t meant to depress you or anything. I’m just telling you where all my low self-esteem was coming from. It’s stupid, though, isn’t it? A lot of girls (who were “just friends” with me, by the way) would tell me that guys were dumb for letting their penis define their manhood and their self-worth. Maybe they were right, but that didn’t change the fact that my penis was small and that these girls wouldn’t date me. Could you blame me for having such low confidence in myself?

For a long time, I felt almost trapped in my body. It was like somewhere deep inside of myself, I was a much bigger, stronger man with a much larger manhood, but on the outside I looked so limp and pathetic. Maybe you can relate.

One day all of these negative feelings culminated when I was having one of my rare sexual encounters with some girl I had met in a college class, and as soon as I pulled out my penis, she laughed right in my face. Before, I would have fled in embarrassment, maybe even cried in my room alone. But that day, for some reason, I had had enough. Something inside me had been seething all this time and it finally exploded. My face must have changed then because she shut up really quickly, even before I opened my mouth and started yelling at her, telling her off, calling her all sorts of names that I sort of regret calling her now. She started to apologize immediately, but I just zipped my pants back up and stormed out.

Something about that night changed me forever. Having all of that buried rage come bubbling to the surface made me want to take action. It was that moment when I finally decided to channel all of those pent up feelings of anger about my penis into actually changing my situation instead of walking around like a wimp who was afraid of every girl who met eyes with him.

I started working out my body and building muscle, which helped my confidence a lot, but of course it still didn’t solve the penis problem. That dedication and discipline I learned from that early weight-lifting experience prepared me for my next challenge though: working on the size of my penis. For the longest time, I thought there was nothing I could do about my size, until one day after desperately Googling for a solution, I found several promising ways to grow your penis a little bit each day.

Thanks to the techniques I learned, and though some trial and error, I was able to gain two inches in length and about half an inch in girth so far, bringing me finally to an average size. Of course I was elated by when I started to take measurements and saw real progress, but I know that this is only the beginning and I have a long way to go before I reach my goals.

Some of the methods I discovered were better than others, but I tried a lot of them, and I wanted to share what I found with the world. That’s basically what led to this site, so feel free to look around and learn about my experiences.