Tips and Tricks for Great Sex for Men with Small Dicks.

Some have it large, some not so large and others have it small. Aside from the fact that larger penises look more attractive, most ladies attest to the fact that when it comes to sex, skill is a more necessary ingredient than size. Wondering how or where in the world you can learn these skills… Right here!


Here are a few tips and tricks for great sex that would keep her begging for more.

Tip 1: Prolong the foreplay

Foreplay is one ingredient used by men to pleasure their women in unbelievable ways. Rather than pouncing on her and ripping off her panties, start with the mildest foreplay, touching and teasing her. Incorporate showers, massages, chocolate and whatever you can come up with into your foreplay sessions. Remember…

  • Dirty talking works.

Try whispering to her or texting her about what you plan on doing to her. This will arouse her mentally, set the mood right and keep her on her tippy toes.

  • To pay attention to her breasts

Do not neglect this area as it is one erogenous zone that can make her nearly climax before you even penetrate. You can tease, caress and suck on her nipples.

  • Oral Sex does work

Giving her oral works as well as penetrative sex or even better. Remember to always stimulate other erogenous zones before going down on her. For better access and a more pleasurable sucking experience, you can elevate her hips with a pillow.

Tip 2: Give her orgasm(s) before penetration

What’s most important is mutual satisfaction, how you do it isn’t as important as whether or not you do it. Master the art of giving orgasms without penetration to ensure she is satisfied.



While she is still dressed, you can slip your hands into her panties and give her a fingering she’ll never forget. With your free hand fondle and squeeze her breasts, deeply kiss her and lick/suck on her ears and neck… This technique works like magic!

Tip 3: Work on getting harder and stiffer erections.

women-like-bigger-dicksYour thrusts would make more impact with a rock hard penis, not withstanding its size. To improve the quality of your erections, you can try using PC muscle exercises. When your penis is erect, squeeze this muscle (by making your penis jump upward) for 3-5 seconds and then relax. If as you do this your erection decreases or disappears do not worry, it’s completely normal. Re-stimulate yourself and repeat the exercise again.

You can also do this in the flaccid state by squeezing the muscle (like you would when trying to hold back urine). Do this exercise several time throughout the day. In the flaccid state, this exercise can be done anytime and anywhere, no one would notice, just as long as you do not make faces.

Tip 4: Use the right penetrating and thrusting technique.

When thrusting, do not just move in and out.To make her feel you inside of her, use deep penetrations with grinding and circling or back-and-forth motions. This technique will make her climax multiple times not withstanding the size of your penis. Try it and thank me later! You can also try alternating shallow thrusts with deeper ones… It could take a few attempts to perfect this technique, but once you do, she’ll be very thankful.

Tip 5: Choose your positions

To increase your chances of sexually satisfying her, use positions that make her feel you inside of her- those that allow a deep enough penetration to reach her elusive G-spot. Some of these positions include


  1. Deep stick position: Let her lie on her back while you kneel in front of her. Put her legs on your shoulders and hold them close together. Penetrate and begin to give her mind blowing thrusts. Her raised legs and closed legs would create more friction and make you feel bigger inside of her.
  2. The woman-on-top position: The good thing about this position is that a small penis can be equally as pleasuring or even more so than a larger one. You can attain this position while you are sitted or lying down. She climbs on top of you and inserts your penis into her vagina while she moves back-and-forth, up-and-down, side-to-side, or in circular motions. Maximum clitoral stimulation and multiple mind blowing orgasms are guaranteed for her.
  3. Full rear entry

Let her get down on all fours while you penetrate her from behind and begin thrusting. This position is excellent for deep thrusts and you can easily stimulate her G spot. Not only does she get a deeper and tighter feel of you but you enjoy a much more erotic sensation. You can also ask her to lower her chest towards the pillow while you enter her from behind for an even deeper penetration.

  1. Scissors position.

The lady lies on her back at the edge of the bed or table. Holding her legs up, you kneel, squat or stand to penetrate into her vagina and the thrusting begins.

Trick A: Position 1& 4 can be adjusted by placing a pillow under her hips to elevate it.

Trick B: If you have one or two free hands and good access, stimulate her breasts and clitoris during or in between thrusts.

Trick C: Remember the best kind of sex and foreplay starts while you are still dressed. Start with other parts of her body before finally touching her down below. Build as much tension as you can till she begs to have you inside of her. She would be so glad when you finally enter her- too glad, your size won’t matter.


Trick D: Remember practice makes perfect, use these tips and tricks and your small penis would seem ginormous in her eyes.



Penis Stretchers – Can They Really Make Your Penis Bigger?

Have you been searching for more information on penis stretchers and can’t seem to find some unbiased opinions? Maybe you’re too embarrassed to ask around because you’d have to admit that you’re not satisfied with your current penis size; this is understandable.


If you’re single and trying to have a decent dating life, it can really put a damper on your fun to have a small penis. Lots of people talk about how all a man needs is “confidence,” but it’s easy to have confidence when you have something thick in your pants to back all of that up.


There’s nothing like seeing the look of delight on a girl’s face the first time she realizes that you’re well-endowed; it’s that look that says she’s glad she picked you for the night, and that she knows she’s bound to have a good time. When you get right down to it, a bigger penis just look and feel better to a woman, so you can’t really blame them for preferring well-endowed men.

You Can Increase Your Penis Size!

Now it might seem like this dooms those of us who are a little on the smaller side, but it doesn’t have to. It’s not like you have to live with a small penis if that’s not something that you don’t want for yourself. Contrary to popular belief, there are indeed a few different ways to make your penis bigger, and they really can work. If you’re serious about growing your penis naturally, though, without pills or surgery, or any dangerous side-effects, then your best bet is probably a penis stretcher.


You may have heard about this before. Basically, a penis stretcher—or extender—works by applying tension to your penis. Unlike pumping, this doesn’t require placing your penis in a vacuum chamber, and unlike hanging, this doesn’t require attaching weights to your manhood, either.

How Does Penis Stretching Work?

It is a very simple process, really. Usually, the penis extender has some sort of ring that fits around the base of your penis, up against your pubic bone, and some sort of grip that fits towards the end of the shaft, near the head of your penis, with some tension rods of some kind in between.

Over time, you can increase the tension by increasing the length of the rods and your penis will stretch to accommodate. This is a very gradual process, though, and you only increase the length of the extender once your penis has stretched sufficiently enough for the next stage.

With enough use, your penis should stretch out to a new, longer size, and it should increase both in terms of flaccid length and erect length. Some extenders even affect your girth.

my-bigger-penisDoes This All Work?

Well, think about what happens to any piece of skin when it is stretched or pulled enough, for a long enough period of time. For example, imagine the skin on the belly of someone who is severely overweight and has spent years amassing a wide build. If they were to suddenly lose all that weight, would their skin just bounce back into place as if it had never stretched? Not really. For a lot of these people, they are left with “extra skin” that then needs to be removed. The body’s natural response to the skin stretching like this is to add tissue to the area, and once that tissue is there for long enough, it doesn’t go away; in other words, more cells grow to compensate. In theory, your penis would be no different in this regard. Over time, the tissue will stretch and grow because of the tension applied by the extender device, and your penis will remain enlarged.

Yes, penis stretchers really can make your penis bigger.

have-great-sexHowever, it takes time and patience. Just as the skin on a person who is accumulating fat or muscle doesn’t stretch permanently overnight, neither will your penis. You will probably have to use your penis stretcher many hours per week for many months before you start to see noticeable results, and at first these results will be mere fractions of an inch. However, these fractions accumulate, and before you know it, you will start to see a real difference in your penis size and sexual life.

If you’ve tried pills that don’t work or tedious exercises, and you’re ready to try a different approach, you might want to get your hands on a penis extender. Just remember to follow all of the instructions exactly, and don’t wear the extender for too long or else this could actually compromise your results. If you have any doubts or suspect that your small penis could be due to hormonal issues, of course be sure to talk to your doctor first before you try any stretching techniques.

X4 Labs Review – Why I Use It, and You Should, Too

Looking for an X4 Labs review? You just found one. This is just my opinion, of course, so remember that your mileage may vary. First, though, let’s talk about something a lot of guys are hesitant to talk about: penis size.


Lots of guys underestimate the difference that having a big penis can make in their sex lives. You may have heard before that size isn’t a big deal, and that girls prefer a guy with personality over a guy with a hefty manhood, but all of those arguments kind of miss the point. It’s not that your life is going to be over or something if you have a small penis, but “small” guys often don’t realize what they’re missing because they never get to experience the kind of sex lives that well-endowed guys do—that is, unless they find a way to enlarge their penises.

Now, I didn’t have a micro-penis or anything, but I was kind of small.

Lots of times when it comes to size, it’s just a matter of genetics, and I’m not going to lie: the genes just weren’t in my favor. In today’s era of heavy porn use and a tendency for girls to see giant penises on their computer screens long before they ever see ones in real life, the bar is set kind of high.

Yes, women do look at porn and they do develop expectations the same way that guys do, just obviously about different things. It’s not necessarily something I’ve been dumped over, but sometimes I could catch that brief shade of disappointment in her eye because she expected me to be bigger. You know what I’m talking about, I’m sure.


Well, I had tried penis exercises for awhile, but found them sort of cumbersome. It was also hard to remember to do them every day, and to be honest I already had a hard enough time keeping up a regimen for the rest of my body.

This is what ultimately led to this X4 Labs review.

I was ready for something different, something that I could just slap onto my manhood and forget about for awhile. After doing some research, I came across the whole concept of penis extenders and became intrigued. Basically, the idea was that you can use tension to slowly stretch the penis, which adds more cells and makes the penis longer over time, in theory. It also seemed safer than some other methods, such as using weights; the last thing I wanted to do was damage my endowment, after all. (It would be a little hard to explain that one to my doctor.)

I looked at a few different models by a few different companies and finally decided on an extender from X4 Labs. I chose this company for a few different reasons, namely:


  • It seemed to have a lot of research behind it. The company honestly appeared to care about making the lives of their male customers better, and it seemed like they had done their homework.
  • According it their site, their extender could increase length and girth as well, which was really important to me.
  • Also according to their site, their extenders could help improve erections by enhancing blood flow to the penis. This really intrigued me. By no means do I have erectile dysfunction, but I had noticed that my erections weren’t quite as hard as they were when I was in my early 20’s, and it would be nice to get back to that level if I could.
  • They have DOUBLE money-back guarantee. Since the whole extender thing was something new to me, I wanted to try risk-free. If it didn’t work, I wanted to be able to get my money back x2.

x4-labs-deluxeI went with their Deluxe Edition, so this is what this X4 Labs review is specifically for, though you will get similar results from any edition.

It’s their most cost effective package, though it comes with the fewest accessories. I was cool with the bare-bones option since I honestly didn’t have huge expectations, but now I kind of wish I had gotten the Gold Luxury Edition since it comes with more foam pads and better tension springs.

Either way, I was excited to give this extender a try when it came in the mail.

As I got started, one of the things that I was most worried about was whether this process was going to be uncomfortable, but actually I was pleasantly surprised when I first put my penis in the device. There’s a foam comfort tube that goes near the head of your penis that keeps the far end of the extender snug and also keeps it from hurting at all. Honestly, besides the slightly uncomfortable feeling that is to be expected from stretching your penis, the experience wasn’t unpleasant at all.

What you’re probably wondering about, though, are the results.


Well, so was I, so I made sure to take measurements from day one. Keeping a diary of my results is also what inspired me to make this X4 Labs review. Overall, in about 30 days of following the instructions and wearing it for the required hours (while taking days off), I gained about 1/8 of an inch of flaccid length and about 1/4 of an inch of erect length, and maybe about 1/10 of an inch in girth. For the limited amount of time that I’ve used it, I have to say it has exceeded my expectations. Sure, I don’t have the biggest penis in the world or anything, but it is a little bigger than it was.

So if you’re looking for an extender and don’t know which to use, consider the X4 Labs. It’s comfortable and they actually have some studies to back up their results.

Give Your Partner Orgasms To Remember With Sex Toys For Couples

There are many people who are faced with performance issues in the bedroom. These range in men from having a small penis or being curved awkwardly to not being able to last long enough. In women, these issues range from being too sensitive or not sensitive enough, to lasting too long. Whether performance issues are frequent, or just once in a while, there is still a disappointment when they occur. Unsatisfied partners, and often yourself as well. But there is hope. You can have a great performance, even when you’re lacking. You just have to get a little, creative.

Introduce Sex Toys To Your Relationship

There’s a wide variety of sex toys on the market. More are being invented and introduced every day. You may have experience with using them yourself, or you may not. You may know other people who have, but you’re not comfortable using them. But the addition of sex toys can increase both you and your partners stimulation. There’s a sexy appeal to using sex toys together. Even if you and your partner are shy at first, you’ll warm up to the idea of the new addition. Especially once you’ve experienced the great sex that comes with those toys.


If you’ve never looked at sex toys either online or in store, you’re going to want to look at beginner toys. The most common toy bought by a first time user is a vibrator. These aren’t the long, penis shaped vibrators you may have seen on TV. These often range in size and shape, but they are generally external. They are also generally small. Some are even worn on your finger, like a ring. They aren’t designed to be big and flashy, but rather small and practical. They are for added stimulation while you’re making love to your partner. They can also be used after love making to completely and utterly satisfy your partner. Another very common vibrator is called a cock ring. These are placed around the penis of the male and worn during sex. These rings increase stimulation for both partners. Some cock rings even have remote controls so either partner can adjust the speed or pulse settings on the ring itself. This is useful in changing pace during the course of your lovemaking.

Now, if you’ve already played with the beginner toys, you might be looking for something more advanced. Naturally, the next step after external stimulation is internal stimulation. There’s quite a few different things you can try in this intermediate field. This is where those penis shaped vibrators can come in handy. You can use these before or after intercourse to intensify the pleasure of your partner. You may be interested in the kind that have multiple settings, or you may want one with a standard speed. There’s a wide variety to choose from, but it really depends on what you and your partner are comfortable with. If you experimented with the beginner vibrators, you should know a bit more about what kind of stimulation you like. If you’re buying online, do a little research to find out what products are the best for you. If you’re buying in store, there should be an expert in sex toys at the store you’re visiting. While you may feel embarrassed to ask questions, it is encouraged. This is for the betterment of your sexual relations and you want to make sure you’re getting the right toys.


Once you’re comfortable with the insertion of objects, or the addition of external, you may be looking for something a little more advanced. If that’s the case, you may find a suggestion of anal beads.

anal-sex-toys-setThese can work for both male and female partners. They add stimulation to a very sensitive area in the anus that can increase the pleasure of sex for both parties. Of course, this is a suggestion for those who want to explore their sexuality a little bit more, and get the most out of their sexual experiences. This isn’t a suggestion that everyone will embrace or enjoy. So if it sounds like a good idea to you, you’re going to want to make sure it’s also something your partner is comfortable with as well.

If You’re Not Comfortable Using Sex Toys

Not every partner is going to feel comfortable using sex toys in the bedroom. Everyone has different likes and dislikes and it’s impossible to create a generic list of either. If your partner isn’t comfortable with toys, there are other ways you can encourage sexual satisfaction. One of these ways, of course, is oral pleasure. Both males and females enjoy a great oral experience. If you feel inexperienced at this, try looking up tips and tricks.

You can also use enhancements like flavored lubricants to increase your own enjoyment. Or, there are other lubricants that add heating or cooling sensations when they’re used. Even if your partner isn’t comfortable using toys, they may be comfortable using these types of enhancements. Really, you want the experience to be satisfying and pleasurable for both you and your partner.

Never underestimate the power of foreplay. It’s the most important part of a sexual experience and it’s so often neglected. If you take the time to truly please your partner, everyone wins. Your partner will feel satisfied, and you’ll feel accomplished.

How To Date Your Dream Girl in 3 Steps

A lot of guys nowadays are brainwashed by romantic comedies and the media into believing many wrong things about dating. The narrative is that you take a girl out, shower her with affection, buy her gifts, and then wait for the sex to rain down from the sky.

The fact of the matter is, as you may have already figured out through practice, this just doesn’t work.


Women aren’t looking for men who do them favors (or, rather, they’re not looking for a boyfriend who will do them favors), so you’re going to have to cut back on some of your “nice guy” tendencies if you’re going to have some success. Now, this doesn’t mean you have to be a jerk, but this does mean that you have to be confident and hold your own, and that you have to expect her to bring more value to the table than just her good looks.

In other words, don’t sell yourself short—and she won’t, either.

That’s all well and good, you might think to yourself, but how do you even find a girl to date in the first place? If you’ve tried bars or clubs, or other nightlife venues, you may have found the girls’ attention spans short and their quality lacking.

Forget all that.

Here is a short step-by-step summary of how to pick up a girl you will actually click with and keep her around for awhile:

Step 1: The Approach

You find quality girls the same place you find quality people in general—not at bars.

Start up a new hobby and go to some local meet-ups that have to do with that hobby. Hang out in places where people share your interests.

Get out of the house.

Women are everywhere.


In fact, you can even try “cold approaching” women who look interesting in random places like parks, though of course that takes a lot more work because you’re going to have to approach a lot of them before you find one that might remotely match you.

You can also try online dating site. If you have the guts, look through your mutual friends on Facebook and hit up some girls who seem to have interests in common with you. Make up an excuse to talk to them like For example, if you find that you’re both into Harry Potter: “Hey, I really like that Hermione Granger costume you had on in that one pic. Are you into cosplay too? Where did you buy that wig?” Make an observation about something on her profile and make it as authentic as possible.

Regardless of the location or situation, whenever you do see a girl you like, don’t wait longer than a few seconds to approach and introduce yourself or you’ll lose your nerve.

Forget silly pick-up lines, forget gimmicks. You don’t want to position yourself as a clown who exists for her entertainment. Just start off with, “Hello, my name is…,” and ask her something relevant to the situation. Try to find some common ground. You know—use your basic human interaction skills. A lot of guys who “aren’t good with women” are really just people who don’t get out enough.

Step 2: First Date


Maybe you met her at the park. Maybe you met her in your drawing class at the community center. Maybe you even met her online. It doesn’t matter; arrange your first date as soon as possible. If she seems to just want to text back and forth about the B.S. that happened throughout her day, be wary. She may just want you to be her cute little pen pal or a shoulder to cry on. Trust, this does not lead to sex or any sort of romantic relationship. As much as you may tearfully get “close” and talk about your feelings via text, you cannot move the relationship in a romantic direction without physical presence. Get out on a date, and do it fast—ideally within the first few texts or phone calls.

When you’re texting, suggest a neutral place where you can both “hang out.” Depending on what kind of interaction you’ve had up until this point, she may still be a little hesitant to go to your place alone, so unless she is already eager for this, don’t push too much. Somewhere simple like a coffee shop or a park would be fine. Make sure it’s somewhere you can talk to each other and get to know each other better without a lot of noise or interruptions. Ideally, this location should be close to your home, so that you can move things to your place as soon as she seems receptive.

Step 3: Turning Her Into Your Girlfriend

To turn a girl you have met into your girlfriend, you must keep her interest, and you must help her switch from feelings of doubt towards you to a sense of confidence that you’re an attractive, worthy guy for her. The easiest way to do this is to sleep with her as soon as possible. Woo her quickly and move fast, and she will be spending all her mental energy trying to justify why you’re so “different” from other men that she slept with you on the first date or bent her rules for you.


After you’ve been seeing her for awhile and sleeping with her regularly, she should naturally bring up the topic of some sort of commitment. It’s better that you allow her to do this than bring it up yourself, though you certainly can; it’s just more powerful when she feels that it was her idea—it makes it seem like she was chasing you and you were the prize.


These steps were just an overview of course, but these are merely some suggestions to get you to see an alternative narrative—one that actually works—for getting into a relationship where both you and your girlfriend can feel happy and attracted to one another.

All About Male Enhancements You Must Know

If you’re concerned with your sexual performance as a man, you’re not the only one.

  • You may be afraid that you’re not satisfying your partner.
  • You may have been suggested to bring toys into the equation, but that’s not quite what you want.
  • You want to satisfy your partner without assistance from other objects.
  • You want to be what brings your partner to a stunning and satisfying climax.

Nothing else.

  • Maybe you wish you could have a more firm erection, or last longer.
  • Maybe you’re hoping to increase your fertility or your sexual ambitions.
  • Or, maybe you’re hoping for ways to enlarge your penis.

Does any of that sound like you?

If you answered yes, then you’re in need of some male enhancements. You’ve come to the right place for information, guidance, and answers.

How To Increase The Firmness Of Your Erection


Before you start taking things to increase the firmness of your erection, you might want to evaluate why you need to. There are certain medical illnesses that are caught in the early stages by a soft or dysfunctional penis. You’re obviously not going to want to march into your doctors office and say your penis doesn’t work, but, you might want to eliminate some causes. If you do go see your doctor and get a clean bill of health, it’s time to start seeing what else will work. So for the sake of these suggestions, we’ll say you have that clean bill of health and are looking for the next step.

There are some things you can try eating before you try eating those pills:

  • Blackberry Jam (or any dark berry, like blueberries); Because of the antioxidants, this can help clear your body of potentially damaging toxins
  • Dark Chocolate; Leaving out the science, because it releases epicatechins it increases blood-vessel dilation (1.6 oz will do the trick)

There are two main causes for any dysfunction in the penis: Smoking and prescription medication. Both of these cause many different issues and are overall very unhealthy. They are only doing more damage than good.

Other suggestions to strengthening your penis are to lower your estrogen, stop snoring, and try to reduce your stress levels. It’s easier said than done to reduce your stress.

If you’re having trouble with stress, that’s probably the cause of your sexual performance issues as well. You’re going to want to see about eliminating the stresses from your life. Or at least, feeling less concerned about them.

A great thing to look into is stress management techniques. This actually can’t be stressed enough that many of the issues you may be facing (erectile dysfunction, soft penis, not lasting long enough) are probably caused by stress. You may not even know you’re stressed. But, your body is clearly telling you something is wrong.

Keep It Up All Night Long


Now you’ve got a rock hard penis, but it doesn’t want to stay that way. You find yourself unable to keep going, or going soft prematurely. Don’t worry. Firstly, it’s completely natural. Secondly, there are ways to prevent it from happening in the future. This is the part you take action in:

  • Kegels; This is no joke. Strengthening your pelvic muscle can give you complete control over your penis, the kind of control you’re looking for.
  • Masturbate; But, don’t think about finishing. There’s a lot to enjoy in the lead up. Try seeing if you can bring yourself to almost erosion, but take yourself back down before you burst. This exercise is actually called the “9-5”. It uses a scale based from 1-10 where 1 is not aroused and 10 is finishing. You want to bring yourself to 9, then down to 5, then back up to 9. You want to repeat this frequently. Even once a day if you have the time. This is giving you control of your sexual impulses, and it’s actually training you to last longer.
  • Say No To Porn; While it’s great in moderation, if you watch in excess you’re setting yourself up for failure. Most men tend to compare themselves to the ones on screen. The performance you’re watching is just that. A performance. None of it is real. The stiff erection and lasting for hours, making a woman explode multiple times. Sure it’s all possible, but it’s not common. An average person can have sex for hours straight, but they require breaks. Water, snacks, taking time to just lay in each others embrace. A big part of the marathon that is sex is being prepared.
  • Take Your Time; Too often we’re in a race to the finish line. Sex should never be one of those things we rush to finish. Sex is an intense and beautiful experience and every moment of it should be appreciated. Try taking your time the next time you’re in bed, whether it’s with yourself or someone else. Appreciate the moments, and don’t be so hung up on the finish line. Learn to truly enjoy the experience, physically and mentally.

Penis Enlargement & Natural Supplements


image source:

Now many men want a nice, big penis. Unfortunately for them, not everyone has one. You may be one of the lucky men who have size and don’t have function. By now, you should have function. Or, you’re one of the men who has function and doesn’t have size. So naturally, you’d like to be a little bigger so you can really wow your partner.

The issue with penis enlargers is that they often don’t work.

Whether they are claiming to be natural supplements or they are chemically induced. You may wonder how the market does so well if none of these products actually work. They do work. At first. But the effects don’t last if you keep taking them. Plus, how is your ego going to feel if you only manage to satisfy your partner by using a pill? You may not think that plays into it, but it does. On a long enough time line, your masculinity will start to suffer. So why bother with the pills that risk side effects and ego deflation?

Try the natural techniques that will truly make you feel like a man.

It’s all about the amount of blood rushing to your erected penis.

That sounds ridiculous, right?

Your body is giving in, but are your emotions and your mind? In order to have a truly satisfying sexual experience, you have to completely surrender yourself to the encounter. Whether it’s a quickie before work or an all night marathon.

The key to having great sex is to surrender. Let go of your worries, misconceptions and ideals and just give into the bodies pressed against each other.

Pheromones (Sprays & Perfumes) – Can They Make Girls Want Sex With You?

We have all heard about the magical pheromones. The question on the lips of guys is do they really work? Can they really make girls want sex with you? Here’s your answer…

Pheromones are chemical substances released by animals (insects too) that change or alter the behavior of others of its species. Do humans produce them? Yes they do, but in quantities inadequate enough to produce visible effect. What about pheromones that come in bottles- synthetic pheromones in the form of sprays and perfumes? Do these work? The answer to that is yes they do work, but there’s a little twist to it.

How do they work?

Pheromones act on the sense of smell. When a lady smells them, it activates certain areas of her brain changing her behavior, also, the level of her libido raising hormone rises thus increasing her sexual desire. They make a lady sense a male’s dominance and sexuality and they make her crave for him. What would she notice?

  • how-do-pheromones-workShe might notice an increased desire to touch him, or want to be touched;
  • She might notice an increased body temperature, breathing and heart rate.
  • She might notice mood changes- she becomes more jovial and laughs at all his jokes;
  • She could notice bodily changes like erect nipples and wetness down below

Simply put, she gets turned on in ways she can’t explain and she immediately concludes she has ”a thing” for you.

Where’s the twist?

Pheromones work best in one-on-one situations. Yes, you can use them when going to gatherings but they don’t really get a girl turned on (towards you) unless she’s close enough to sense it’s from you. If a lady senses it and let’s say you are with three other cool looking guys, she just assumes ”oh, I’m unusually wet down below today”. When it comes to making a choice, she uses all of her other senses to choose.

So, get her to take a walk with you or get her to be alone with you and watch the magic happen.


What do they do for you?
It can boost your confidence.

Pheromones can help you feel more comfortable and relaxed when you are with the opposite sex. They could make you more confident and help you communicate better and more freely with her.

It makes you appear more attractive.

Knowing you are wearing something that is a lady magnet makes you excited as it raises your hope of being chosen and of getting some good action.This makes you more jovial, playful and energetic- something ladies love. All these work for you and makes you appear more attractive to her.

You get turned on too.

Watching a lady get turned on by your mere presence can be a huge turn on for you. Getting her to be in the same room with you, with the perfect view and a perfectly set stage would definitely make her turned on in ways she doesn’t understand. This might make her conclude that she has a huge crush, an unexplainable attraction and a strong pull towards you- one that makes her get wet down below… Not only would she be ready for some action, you would be too!

What they won’t do for you.

Pheromones do not improve your aura. If you have issues that need to be fixed for example those relating to your appearance, poise or your attitude, pheromones won’t help you in those departments.


Yes, pheromones can make you appear more attractive and more confident but this only happens when you are well put together and have a certain level of confidence in you.

No, pheromones won’t directly make a girl spot you in a crowd filled with a thousand other  ”above average” looking guys… They only make her want to get down with you after your confidence and every other quality in you has made her choose you.

If you look bold and confident, dress nicely, get a haircut and a shave (if you need one) wear a smile and know how to start up a conversation, pheromones would definitely make any girl beg to be in your arms…

In summary, pheromones do work, but for it to work, you would need an inner sense of confidence, a good fashion sense and good communication skills. More people are using pheromones to boost and amplify what they’ve already got going on for them- strippers and countless pick-up-artists use them too.

So, bring in your A-game and finish it off with a dash of your favorite pheromone spray or cologne.

How to Seduce a Woman – 5 Must Know Tips for Horny Men

art-of-seducing-a-womanThe dream of every guy out there is to know how to seduce a woman. Unfortunately, many guys don’t have a clue about the fascinating art of seduction. As a result, they tend to use stupid techniques like bragging about their successful job, telling a lot of stupid jokes, buying a million drinks and using lame pickup lines. These methods are not in a position to deliver effective results.

Here is a list of some effective techniques that you can follow in order to grab her attention.

  1. Identify the mindset of women

If you want to seduce a girl, you will need to have a clear understanding about how women think. In fact, women focus on emotions, whereas men focus on logic.

Therefore, you should not start a logical conversation when you approach a woman.
Men would feel more comfortable when they are engaged in a logical conversation.


However, women do not like it at all and you will not be able to attract the girl that you approach. In order to start an emotion conversation, you should stay away from serious topics such as the weather, politics and work life.

  1. Don’t be a smartass

Guys tend to become smartass because they are afraid of getting embarrassed. Women do not like to hang around with guys who have lack of self-esteem. If you try to become a smartass, you will be eliminating all the possible chances of seducing the girl.

  1. Approach the girls

If you want to seduce a girl, you should approach her, without waiting her to approach you. If you don’t have to balls to talk to a woman, you will never be able to seduce a woman. If you have problems being shy, you should take necessary measures to get rid of them.


You might think that she would laugh her brain out when you approach her. You might even think that she would should saying that you are a pathetic looser. You don’t need to worry about anything because such things would not happen when you approach a woman. You just need to take the first step and you would feel comfortable after that.

  1. Have confidence

As you already know, women love to date confident men. How many times have you heard a girl say “I love the guy because he is so insecure?” You need to be confident about yourself and you should show it to the girl that you are trying to seduce. Then you will be able to make your life a lot easy.

  1. Be off limit

Last but not least, you should try to become a mystery to the woman that you are planning to date. That’s simply because women love mystery and anticipation. If you reveal everything about yourself, you would become an uninteresting guy. Therefore, you need to be a mystery in order to seduce the girl you like.